Be Staked By The Best

We provide the team and financing necessary to take your poker game to the next level! Between financial flexibility and top tier instruction we’re willing to bet on your improvement if you’re willing to spend your time with us!

Your bankroll management doesn’t allow massive tournament expenditures?

Get staked by eager investors!


Why would anyone invest into you?

  • Stakers purchase shares of your potential winnings
  • You offer a competetive markup
  • Your career results are impressive


How does it work?

  • Determine how much action you want to sell
  • Create your staking offer and attract investors
  • Stay in touch with your investors during and after the event


Why choose PokerMarket?

  • Create your staking in less than 2 minutes
  • Your events are automatically organized in your Control Center
  • Keeping track of buyers and payouts has never been easier


On PokerMarket getting staked is easy. Go to Live or Online Tournaments and create your own staking offer today!

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